At Starfall, children learn through play. The free-flowing nature of our content is a vital aspect of the program and a large contributor to its success.

While we understand the need for progress reports for academic measurement, we are reluctant to require children to continually stop for assessments or to provide reports on student activity on our platform. We would prefer to allow a 3-year-old child to repeat the same letter over and over again, or an advanced 7-year-old to return to "Colors" simply because she likes the music. The important part is that children are engaged in the activities.

Learning involves more than merely choosing a right answer or following a predetermined script. We strive to encourage curiosity and self-confidence, and to preserve a child's feeling of personal privacy.

For these reasons, individualized tracking and reports are not provided by Starfall.

For institutions requiring usage data to qualify for funding, we can provide anaggregate usage report upon request.