For teachers, schools, and other institutions:

A mobile browser is the preferred way to access Starfall for institutional accounts on mobile devices. Account management features such as establishing an account, renewing a membership, and creating Group IDs and passwords for remote users are only possible via a web browser at

Once your membership is established and Group IDs are set up, teachers and students can sign in to Starfall via either the website or the mobile app using those credentials. 

For home users:

For the best mobile experience at home, we recommend installing the app (available at the App Store appropriate for your device). Existing members can use their membership credentials to sign in. If you do not already have a membership or Group ID, in-app monthly subscriptions are also available. Note that subscriptions are tied to an individual ID for a device, and are therefore not appropriate for school, class, or teacher accounts.

Additional info:

Signing in to the app is supported for all membership and subscription types, but memberships can only be obtained, managed, or renewed via web browser at

For more information about using Starfall on mobile browsers, see Device and browser support for tablet and mobile phone.

If you are using an Amazon Fire tablet, please see How do I access Starfall on an Amazon Fire?.