All worksheet generators and custom printables have a Resource Menu with options to customize different portions of the worksheet or card before you save or print. You can populate the worksheet or card to align with a specific week from the Starfall curricula or enter your own words. You can also customize portions of the worksheet; for example, you can change the number of items that appear on the page or include different images from the list provided.

Additionally, most classroom resources—generators, custom printables, and projectables—have a Resource Toolbar on the right or bottom of the screen with several available actions:

  • Exit: Close a classroom resource and return to the resource index.
  • Create PDF: Creates a PDF file for a worksheet or card which you can save or print. See How do I print a worksheet or custom printable? for further details.
  • Fullscreen: Remove toolbars to display only the worksheet, custom printable, or projectable on a Smartboard or screen.
  • Type Style: Change the font in all worksheet generators, custom printables, or projectables between Block and Slant (previously known as Manuscript/D’Nealian). See How do I change the font from Block to Manuscript (slant)? for further details.
  • Feedback: Send us feedback about the site.
  • Pin Me: Pin the resource to your Pinterest board.
  • Common Core: Display or hide the Common Core standard for the worksheet.