For the best experience, we recommend keeping your browser up-to-date. Chrome and Firefox are supported on most devices. Safari is supported on Apple devices. Edge is also supported (particularly on Windows desktops) and Internet Explorer 11 is supported on Windows 8 and above.

When visiting, qualified (modern) devices and browsers will be directed to the new Starfall Version 2 with HTML5. Older desktop operating systems and browsers will continue to be directed to our original website that requires the Adobe Flash plugin.

When the Flash plugin is used, most browsers will require that you 1) always upgrade to the latest Flash plugin version, 2) set your browser preferences to allow the Flash plugin to run, and 3) click on the Adobe Flash symbol each time you start a new browser session to allow it to run.

Browser makers are discouraging the use of Flash. Many will stop supporting Flash entirely in 2020. But for now, Starfall will continue to allow access to our original website on older computers and some older browsers with the Adobe Flash Player plugin.

For more information, refer to Adobe System requirements for Flash.