Starfall now has an Accessible Index for Children. This index was created specifically for children with motor and visual impairments. Starfall is also in the process of adding a closed caption option throughout the regular website. For both the regular indexes and the accessible indexes, you may turn captions on or off with the Closed Caption [CC] button on the Accessibility Information page.

We recommend using a keyboard or a dual-switch access device to navigate accessible activities. In addition to normal mouse control, we currently support the tab key (to navigate through elements) and enter key (to select an element). Note that these keys are not standardized across browsers. For example, on the Safari desktop browser, you must hit option + tab to navigate through elements unless you change this setting in preferences.

For visual impairments, the following screen readers have been recommended. We are currently testing these on our content.

  • NVDA for Windows 10 (recommended)
  • Mircrosoft Narrator for Windows 10
  • ChromeVox for Chromebooks
  • VoiceOver for macOS X
  • VoiceOver for iOS (iPad) with bluetooth keyboard
  • TalkBack for Android with bluetooth keyboard

JAWS for Windows is not recommended at this time.

The Starfall Education Foundation remains committed to providing access for children with disabilities. The Accessible Index for Children was made possible with a four-year project to convert activities from the Adobe Flash Player to a newer technology, HTML5. Our goal is to provide accessible online activities that are readable on a variety of devices, including desktops, laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, and Android tablets. Phones and mobile apps are currently not recommended for accessible use.

In the coming months, we will be adding additional accessible activities and expanding input device support based on your feedback. If you have recommendations, please contact us.