The Starfall Education Foundation is committed to providing access for children with disabilities. Our goal is to provide accessible educational activities directly on our website for computers as well as tablets and mobile devices without the need to download or install software or apps.

For a complete list and description of Starfall's accessibility features, please visit the Accessibility Information page. To request a copy of Starfall's Accessibility Conformance Report (based on Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) Version 2.4), please contact our Help Desk.

For children with visual impairment, hearing impairment, or mobility impairments:

Starfall provides an Enhanced Accessible Index for Children. This index is easy to navigate, with custom-designed activities that are screen-reader compatible and keyboard accessible. 

You can adjust caption size, change video speed, enable the mute/unmute key, and toggle other options for this index on the Accessibility Options page.

Closed captions for the hearing impaired:

Captions can be turned on or off for songs and nursery rhymes using the toggle switch on the Accessibility Information page. After turning on captions, children with hearing impairment can go directly to the main Starfall Website. Captions are always available by default on the Enhanced Accessible Index for Children.

Dual-switch devices:

The Enhanced Accessible Index for Children is designed to function with two keys on a dual-switch device or keyboard:

  • Tab key to navigate.
  • Enter key to select.

If a keyboard is used, Shift-Tab can be used to navigate backward on most systems. Note that preferences must be adjusted on Mac X to enable Tab key functionality on Safari and Firefox browsers.

Screen readers:

We currently test with Windows 10 NVDA. We have verified compatibility with other screen readers such as JAWS (2019 version), Microsoft Narrator on Windows 10, ChromeVox on Chromebook, VoiceOver on Mac X, VoiceOver on iPad with Bluetooth keyboard, and TalkBack on Android with Bluetooth keyboard.

We need your feedback!

We depend on your feedback to improve our website, so please contact us with comments or if you need help.