Our Starfall Parent-Teacher Center™ supplemental resources include customizable and ready-made worksheets (ELA and math), custom printable cards, and classroom projectables. 

  • ELA and Math Worksheets: Use Starfall’s generators to create and customize worksheets for both math and English Language Arts. These generators focus on counting, measurable attributes, operators & operands, letter formation, blending, and high-frequency words. Choose from over 25 different generators to meet the needs of your students.
  • Custom Printable Cards: Customize, download, and print a variety of helpful resources with Starfall’s Custom Printables. Custom Printables include various customizable cards such as Backpack Bear and Gingerbread Boy’s messages, vocabulary words, name and word cards, ABC cards, number cards, and a variety of picture cards.
  • Classroom Projectables: Project selected content from Starfall’s Kindergarten ELA and Math curricula using a Smartboard or similar device. You’ll find workbooks, big books, posters, and more!

All resources can be used inside the classroom by all teachers as well as outside the classroom by parents and homeschoolers. In addition, all worksheets can also be projected using a Smartboard or similar device.