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What are the technical specifications for using Starfall's website and mobile apps?

  1. Connection: The Starfall website and the Starfall FREE App require internet access. All the other apps, available for purchase, are designed for offline use and do not require internet access. Visit our app catalog for more details.

  2. Computer Browsers: You can use Starfall on older computers or using some older browsers, but for the best experience keep your browser up to date. For web browsers, we support these minimum versions:

    • Firefox 27
    • Chrome 30
    • Internet Explorer 11
    • Safari 9
    • Edge (any)
  3. Computer Plugins: Starfall supports Flash Player 11 as the minimum supported version. Refer to Adobe System requirements:


    Mobile Devices

  4. Mobile Devices: Apps are available for Amazon Kindle, Google Android, and Apple iOS devices. For Apple devices, we recommend upgrading to at least iOS version 6. For Android devices, apps are supported on Android 4. Visit our app catalog for more details.