An access code is used one time to create a new Starfall membership account or to add time to an existing membership. Those who join or renew with a purchase order or by mail, fax, or phone will usually receive an access code via email.

Using an access code:

  • It is easiest to copy (ctrl/cmd+c) and paste (ctrl/cmd+v) a code into the access code field if you received it digitally.
  • Zeros and the letter "O" are interchangeable—you can use either to enter your code.
  • The access code field is not case sensitive—you can use both upper and lowercase letters.

You do not need an access code if you:

  • Join Starfall or renew a membership online
  • Renew an existing membership via email, fax, or phone and include your membership email address(es) with your order.

An access code is good for a specific amount of membership time, usually a year, and for a membership level. Membership levels are Home, Teacher, Classroom, and School. When purchasing more time for an existing membership, Starfall Customer Service will need to know the level of current membership in order to ensure the new access code matches the current membership level.

Refer to the following articles for detailed information about membership levels and using access codes:

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